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Animal Policy

Religious institutions and organizations are specifically exempt from the ADA.

No animals are permitted on church grounds or in buildings other than legally documented, fully trained service dogs.

Service Dogs

Upon arrival, the person wishing to have a service dog on the premises will present all of the following information to an usher or security team member on duty:

  1. Documentation that the dog is required owing to mental illness on the part of the person wishing to have the dog on the premises; and

  2. Documentation that the dog is a properly trained service animal; and

  3. Proof of the dog’s vaccination status.

Please download, print and complete this form prior to your arrival.  Download the form here.

All Animals

Required animals will be permitted under the following conditions:

  • Trained service animals must be properly cleaned and must not have a foul odor.  This will be determined by usher or security team member on duty.

  • Animal will be fully restrained at all times.

  • Animal will be kept upon the lap of the person requiring the animal or on the floor directly beneath where said person is seated.

  • If the animal is seated on the floor, a blanket or cloth will be placed beneath the animal.

  • Animal will not be permitted on any furniture.

  • To protect public health, we require all service animals to be current on all vaccinations.

  • Animal will not be permitted to defecate or urinate on church grounds without cleanup afterward of either or both by the owner of the animal.  The animal will only be allowed to urinate on items belonging to the owner of the animal, not on buildings, fences, signs, trees, or other items belonging to the church.

  • Should any person present have issues with dog/animal allergies or fear of dogs/animals, the owner will give preferential treatment to said persons.

  • An animal growling, biting, jumping on or toward others, or barking not in response to the handler’s need or distress, will be removed immediately.


If the owner of a service animal wishes to question any of these policies, they may schedule an appointment to do so.  They will not be discussed on days set aside for church services.

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