West Lansing Church of Christ

Covid-19 Policy for Church Events

Updated April 2021:

Those attending a WLCC related event who later test positive for Covid-19, in the spirit of love, should notify the Sr. Minister, Ron Klepal (517-614-5068). The church will communicate to the body that a person tested positive and the event they attended. We ask you to contact those personally that you were in contact with at the event or give the church permission to share your name.

The church asks anyone who would have been exposed to self-isolate. Please refer to the CDC guidelines to understand exposure and self-isolation.

If necessary, the church may choose to cancel in person events based on each individual case.

If you are experiencing any Covid-19 related symptoms, please remain at home and connect with us online.

If you have any questions, please contact the Sr. Minister, Ron Klepal, @ ron@westlansingchurch.com or 517-614-5068.

This New Covid-19 Policy has been approved by the Eldership.


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