Interested in being on our student leadership team?  Perfect.  You are a young adult now so it only make sense that you would begin to act accordingly.  So you should.  Just so were clear, this will be a large commitment of your time so you’ll want to be clear on what being a student leader means.

This is an exciting and hefty commitment, in which I am confident each student can accomplish, in part because you’re not alone in this endeavor. I also know that there are seasons in our lives that require more time than others due to a whole host of life issues. So please, if you don’t think this is as or more important as a sport, band, camp, or other activity you may be in, by all means don’t commit to this. You must understand that as exciting as leadership is, it will require a great deal of your time to do it well, so be prepared.

The following should help you decide if your up to the task.  The first step is to TALK TO YOUR PARENTS!  Please don’t go any farther until you’ve talked with them.

Here is the commitment and expectations:

That you are a Christian, saved by faith in Christ through repentance and baptism, and that by faith in Him you are following His example, obeying His commands found in His holy word.  How that shows up in your life should look something like:

-Your are a sr high student.

-Regular church/ youth ministry attendance and being a positive godly example, “walking in a worthy manner”, during that time.

-Modeling a godly, healthy commitment to your family

-Personal spiritual growth and maturity through Bible study and prayer.

-Living a lifestyle consistent with faith in Jesus as His ambassador by being a “light” at home, in your neighborhood, with your friends and on your school campus.

-Volunteering a minimum of two hours a week, in addition to regular youth ministry activities.

-This is a 10 month commitment.

-Attend student leadership meetings on the first Saturday of the month, Sept-May

If this hasn’t overwhelmed you than feel free to fill out the leadership application below.  Once submitted I will follow up with you to set a time for an interview.  Once those steps have been taken you will be contacted by me as to whether you’ve been accepted or not.

If you need any clarification or are still uncertain, please give me a call.

Thank you,

Pastor ‘D’