CIY BELIEVE – Switch on the Truth

Jr. high students have a desperate desire to know what’s real. Finding answers in today’s world is easy – from cell phones to Internet to social media. Jr. high students literally have the ability to look up any question they have in a matter of seconds.

Finding the truth is more difficult.

This year, Believe will challenge Jr. high students to switch on the light and understand that truth matters. There’s more to life than just the facts that they can find so easily. There’s a foundational truth of God that can shape the rest of their lives.

Satan’s two tactics are to convince you the light is dark, or the dark is light. God has one tactic: Be the light. By exploring the life of Jesus this year, Believe will help Jr. high students find the truth.

Do you want to know the truth? Switch on the light.


Cost is $75.00 per person and is due March 13th.  We’ll be traveling to Holland again and staying at a local church.  Students need to bring sleeping bag, pillow, clothes, and any other overnight items (snacks), a Bible and pen.   Kellie Drongowski and Brady Galloway will be leading the weekend.  Get signed up!