I was thinking the other day, how much music influenced my life?  I was born on a Sunday and I’m told by reliable sources that I was in church the very next Sunday.  I’m sure my Dad preached and my Mom held me as she sang harmony from the hymn book.  So I can safely say music has been a part of my life since I’ve been born.  I sang in choirs in school, played trumpet in the band and made my own mix tapes on cassettes from the local radio station. As long as I can remember when I was young, the radio in our family car never worked and when we traveled, we made our own music, singing!  I met my wife at freshman orientation and when I found out she sang, I joined the choir and band in college just to be near her.  I can safely say that music played a large part in our attraction to each other.  All of my children have been involved in music in some way or another, instruments, vocal. So my family has been significantly influenced by music.  I believe music (in some way or another) has influenced all of us.  It is said that it “calms the savage beast”.  I’ve not been around too many savage beasts but I do know that it can soften the heart of troubled soul and can open it up to the soothing words of a preacher.  I think that’s a very important part of our worship, first and foremost to give praise to God, but it also “plows” the hard ground of our heart enough for the preacher to plant a few seeds each Sunday.  Music isn’t worship, but it’s a vehicle by which the Holy Spirit can influence, soften, and profoundly effect our lives.  Come join us this Sunday, and have your ground plowed.