Wow, our first Family Adventure was just…restful yet exhausting.  Here’s just a few of the comments:

“I just want ya’ll to know how completed uplifted I feel today (although tired), but I feel like I can handle anything after our wonderful weekend together.  I feel truly blessed by all of your friendships and I will be praying this week for all of you!”

“We had a wonderful time too!! Looking forward to more adventures with great friends. 🙂 PS We’re all very tired!!”

“It was a great weekend!”

“We had a blast!”

Family Adventures are designed to bring West families together, slow down, and do life together in Christ.  Yep, we know how busy you are, however we also know as part of the body of Christ we cannot do life apart from each other either.  Discipleship, Fellowship and Worship are key components of the Christian life and therefore church life, which by definition means we live them out daily because we are in Christ no matter how busy we are with other pursuits.  The early church lived this out and those not in Christ saw the love they had for each other, which in part is how they know we are Christians.  The only way to do that is to stick you nose into someone else’s life, in a nice way of course, which takes time, energy and effort.  Which we will do because Jesus did that for you, to you, saving you even though didn’t ask Him to, He did it to show the love of God.  Now that the Holy Spirit is in us we can do no less.

So if you are new to West or just find yourself engaging only on Sundays, we hope to see you at our next Family Adventure, and begin sticking your nose into the life of another family, building up the body of Christ at West!   No not all of them will be camping adventures

A special thank you to Kellie D, and her minions, for all the work in putting this together!

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