We are enjoying our summer together!  We had a great week at CIY to kick off our summer theme of Clash of Clans.  Amidst the joy of doing life together we are asking questions of how and where does faith in Jesus Christ “clash” with the culture in which we live, because it has, is, and will continue to do so.  The key verse we’re using is James 4:4 and the first clash we talked about was the biggest and lays the ground for the rest of the summer.  Which is being a sinner in the hands of a holy God.  Once we get clear on the gospel, God is no longer at enmity with us and we are each free to live our life out according to His plan being transformed into the likeness of Christ.

This is where the “clash” with our old self and the world begins!  With the cultural leap that has taken place, in which students are growing up now, it’s vital to know what you believe and why to be able to have the confidence to bring the truth in love to those clashes in life whether you want to be there or not.  So we hope to see everyone at the Berndt’s thru the summer!



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